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สบู่แตงกวา / Soap Cucumber Soap
Code  : YC061
Price  : 30 THB
How to use
YC Cucumber soap with special formula, which conbination of natural extracts and pure cucumber extracts. it has special efficiency for eliminate of acne and pimples all skin of acne on your face and reduce your wrinkles,fade sppots and daren spots on your body.  Special formula with pure cucumber extracts and vitamin C&E helps keep skin moisturized, clean deep down and improves skin problems such as acne spots, freckles and other facial blemishes. Make your skin better healthy White and beautiful.
Rinse your skin with water, apply on face and body. Rinse thoroughly with water. for best results, use twice per day. 
Net Weight  : 100 g.
Registered No.  : 10-1-5424096
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