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ครีม ไวน์เทนนิ่ง แอนด์ เอคเน่ / Cream Whitening & Acne Cream
Code  : YC188
Price  : 125 THB
How to use
A nuturing cream for enhancing your skin's elasticity, lightening your skin and harmful UV rays. It's a double action to promote the skin whiten and keep your skin's natural moisture, help to prevent the creation of acne, enhance the strength of the skin, eliminate stray pellicles and clear out deteriorated cells, leaving your skin soft , brighten,and healthy
After facial cleansing, lightly apply small amount of cream onto face,Use regularly in twice daliy on the morning and night. 
Net Weight  : 50 g.
Registered No.  : 10-1-5439202
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