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ครีม 9 เอฟเฟค ไวน์เทนนิ่ง บิวตี้ เเฟร์เนส / Cream YC 9 Effect Whitening Beauty Fairness Cream
Code  : YC247
Price  : 125 THB
How to use
Suitable for all skin types with vitamin E 9in1 super vitamins complex  YC proud to present new innovation of new formulation 9in1 Effect whitening beauty fairness cream with a cpmplex of 9 vitamins and mineral water. Special effect moisturizing cream is specially formulated proven fairness vitamin & work on melanin. It fights the 9 signs of ageing for firmer and visibly younger looking skin
-Give even-toned fairness
-Reduces discolouration
-Provide natural glow to skin
-Transforms skin dullness to a radiant, healthy looking glow
-Reduces the appearance of pores
-Diminished the appearance age spots
-Protects skin from free radicals
-Enhances skin elasticity
-Strenghthens skin cells
Apply cream gently upto cpmplete absorbtion.Use twice daily for the best results.
Net Weight  : 50 g.
Registered No.  : 10-1-5509439
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